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It’s that time of year again – when the holidays are steadily approaching and the panic of actually having to start shopping has officially set in.

Well, forget about dealing with overcrowded malls and scouring Amazon for hours on end – because a cooking class is the perfect gift for just about anyone.


1. Learn from the Best


Nothing compares to observing a seasoned professional do what they love and do best, and our cooking classes are always lead by the best foodies in the business! One of our regular instructors, Chef Kent Van Dyke put it best:

“One of the best things about food is being able to share it with people… your friends, your family and even strangers.  The only thing better is teaching people about food, where it comes from and how to cook it.”

Our instructors don’t just share their recipes and years of experience with the class – they share their passion.


2. Discover New Flavours and Ingredients


Whether a seasoned professional or casual enthusiast, everyone will appreciate expanding their horizons and discovering new flavours and ingredients to take their cooking to the next level. From Chef Cécile Wehrell sharing the delicious vegan-friendly flavours of fall with creations like Choco & Squash Spread, to demonstrating how to make delicious creations using Spelt – your guest will leave the class enlightened and in the mood for experimenting.


3. Taste the World


One of the best parts about our cooking classes is getting a taste of different regions of the world without having to leave the store! Even the pickiest foodie will love getting to experience authentic Danish deliciousness like Forkadeller and Walnut Cake with Apple Compote; rustic Italian favourites like Gnocchi, Chicken Cacciatore and Tiramisu; or tasty Thai creations!


4. Buy Experiences – Not Things


Over the past decade, there’s been a wealth of psychology research that demonstrates that experiences bring people more happiness than possessions do. Studies have also shown that waiting for an experience (like, hypothetically, a cooking class) “… elicits more happiness and excitement than waiting for a material good.”

So, why not gift that special someone with a cooking experience they’re guaranteed to love and remember?


5. Make Some New Friends

Our cooking classes are a very social experience – and you’ll meet other cooks with a passion for the culinary arts! You’ll share stories, enjoy some wine, and above all – have fun while learning about new menu items to add to your arsenal of recipes!

Have we convinced you? We keep the sessions small so everyone has the chance to see, hear and taste – plus, when it’s over, we send you on your way with the recipes you just learned and instructions so you can make it at home. And don’t forget: cooking class participants get 15% off store merchandise the day of the class!