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Mom’s Homemade Salsa – Wrath (the hottest of them all!)


The hottest of the hot!


Made locally in the Ottawa region, Mom’s Homemade Salsa (Wrath) is the hottest of the hot! This salsa is a result of a recipe perfected for decades by maker Cheryl Wilcox. Fun fact: the first few batches of Mom’s Homemade Salsa were made right here in Mrs. McGarrigle’s kitchen! We have loved Mom’s Homemade right from it’s very beginnings, and Cheryl’s salsa continues to be a favourite with Mrs. McGarrigle’s customers. Made in small batches with fresh ingredients.

Mom’s Homemade Salsa comes in four varieties: Mild, Medium, Hot and the hottest of them all – Wrath!

Holy smokes, this one’s the hottest of them all! Made with a blend of 5 hot peppers, plus an additional hit of Carolina Reaper – the world’s hottest pepper according to the Scoville heat index!

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Mrs. McGarrigle’s has a committment to carry products by local food producers who care about making high-quality foods with locally and/or ethically sourced ingredients. We are proud to carry these products and to uplift our local food economy.

Read more about local food producers in our blog’s “Meet the Maker” series.

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Weight .685 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 in


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