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Michael Sunderland has had a pretty sweet career – literally!

The Ottawa-based confectioner spent over two decades perfecting the art of making desserts at an assortment of restaurants and catering businesses, including the prestigious Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. But it was in 2009 when Michael carved a niche for himself as a maker of gourmet jams, and the Michael’s Dolce brand was born.

A hallmark of Michael’s Dolce is the inventive use of flavour pairings. In Michael’s product line, you’ll find creative jam flavours like Peach and Cardamom, Plum and Cinnamon, Rhubarb and Black Pepper, Apricot and Chili, and Blueberry Lavender. For chocolate lovers, the Raspberry Chocolate jam is an absolute must-try.

Since establishing his business over ten years ago, Michael has used his creativity and talent to expand his product line. The Michael’s Dolce brand now includes distinctive drink syrups and sauces. (Hot tip: If you like a little heat, Michael’s own handmade, small-batch Sriracha is delicious!)

Mrs McGarrigle’s “Meet the Maker” series celebrates local food producers who care about making high-quality food products with locally and/or ethically sourced ingredients. We are proud to carry these products at Mrs McGarrigle’s and to uplift our local economy.

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