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Ottawa-based cook Cheryl Wilcox has been making salsa since the early 2000’s. Cheryl spent years refining and perfecting her recipe; her family and friends have raved about her recipe for years, encouraging her to bottle and sell her delicious salsa. Finally, in early 2019, Cheryl did just that, and the Mom’s Homemade Salsa brand was born! Cheryl made her first batches right here in Mrs. McGarrigle’s kitchen, and we are both immensely proud and fans of Cheryl and her scrumptious salsa!
Now, three years later, Mom’s Homemade Salsa comes in Mild, Medium, Hot and “Wrath” flavours. “Wrath” – the hottest of the varieties – is made with Carolina Reaper – the world’s hottest pepper, measuring 2.2 million on the Scoville unit heat index!


Cheryl Wilcox, hard at work making her delicious salsa!

Mrs. McGarrigle’s proudly carries Mom’s Homemade Salsa both in our online shop and in the store.


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