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Let’s be real: who doesn’t like receiving a gift box or basket? They can instantly turn around a bad day, opening and going through one feels a little like Christmas morning, and they’re usually a big, loud declaration that somebody somewhere was thinking about you.

Some people actually dismiss a gift basket as lazy. But at Mrs. McGarrigle’s, we take a lot of pride in putting the time and effort into the gift boxes we make.

Every gift box is made to order, and they’re filled with high-quality products based on what’s in season, what’s new and what’s essential. If you have something more specific in mind, we love to come up with tailor-made gift boxes based on your budget and the recipient’s tastes  – so just give us a call at the store! Check out some of our most popular gift boxes below.


A Gift Box for the Tea Addict

Mrs. McGarrigle's Gift Box for the Tea Addict

I love tea people. I am a tea person (although admittedly, I’m pro-all-caffeinated-beverages), so putting together this little assortment is always a pleasure.

I always include at least three different full-sized packages and two samplers of teas in this gift box; we carry over 50 different varieties from all over the world, so we always have plenty of options. Next, I add some fun tea-related products – I included a tea cozy, tea infuser and tea timers (for both herbal and green tea) in this box, but the next time it could include teacups, serving napkins or a travel mug. Lastly, I’ll top it off with some delicious imported biscuits, because the tea simply demands them.

Price: $80 | Customizable

A Gift Box for the Mixologist

Summer’s here, and who doesn’t want to spend it enjoying a cold, delicious bevy? Whether you’re treating yourself or spoiling the Cocktail King or Queen in your life, this gift box always hits the spot.

A true mixologist needs some tools of the trade, so items like cocktail shakers, muddler stir sticks and a cutting board typically find their way into this box, but could also include things like cocktail napkins or a paring knife. Then I top it up with gourmet drink must-haves like artisan cocktail mix, cocktail rimmer, michaels dolce drink syrups, and Maraschino cherries. The best part of this gift box is getting to enjoy it with the recipient!

Price: $80 | Customizable

A Gift Box for the Host and/or Hostess

I was always taught to never show up to someone’s house empty-handed. Wine does the trick, but nothing quite says ‘Thank you for a lovely evening’ or encourages repeat invites like this hand-picked gift box.

With the gracious host or hostess in mind, I usually include some imported crackers and two types of artisan chutneys in this box, perfect for their next gathering. I also typically include a bottle of something like Efferve sparkling lemonade, something cute for the home like a new tea towel or cocktail napkins, and a sampling of imported gourmet chocolates.

Price: $50 | Customizable

A Gift Box for the Newlyweds

Shopping for an engagement/shower/wedding gift can not only be stressful, but often hard to work into your schedule (no matter how much we love the couple). Simplify the process with this gift box perfect for any new couple.

I pack this gift box with essentials that every food or cooking enthusiast would be thrilled to have in their pantry. I’ll usually include things like really good extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, Equator coffee, salt and pepper grinders, imported pasta, kitchen utensils, truffle oil and of course, a couple of jars of Mrs. McGarrigle’s own mustards. It’s one of my favourite boxes to do, because it exposes people to so many new products.

Price: $160 | Customizable

A Gift Box for the Valley Lover

At Mrs. McGarrigle’s, we’re all about supporting local artisans and this fully-loaded gift box features products from some of our favourite local producers from the Ottawa Valley!

Naturally, I always include two jars of Mrs. McGarrigle’s own mustards, and usually include items like Top Shelf Preserves, sauce from Just Wing It, michaels dolce jam, Carolina’s Dolce de Leche, jelly from Perth Pepper & Pestles, and Siren Bakery’s granola – basically, anything that’s delicious and local makes its way into this gift box.

Price: $75 |  Customizable

Do you want to send a Mrs. McGarrigle’s gift box? Contact us if your gift box needs some customizing.