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At Mrs. McGarrigle’s, mustard is one of our greatest passions. We make fourteen different mustards, and are immensely proud of each and every one. And while we absolutely love them on things like sandwiches and hot dogs, we want people to know how great it is cooking with mustard, too!

We would never deny the eternal union that is mustard + hot dog, but we also try to encourage customers to think of mustard as a cooking ingredient as well as a condiment! In most cases, just a spoonful will add some tangy flavour to recipes and it’s kind of a wonder ingredient: it can emulsify a vinaigrette or easily thicken a stew, so it gets plenty of use in our kitchen.

We use mustard for everything: in marinades for fish or meat, it adds a distinct tanginess that your dinner guests will be asking about. When used as a rub on meats (especially pork!) it creates an incredible crust you can’t get enough of. Use it when breading meat (it acts as one heck of a glue), or add it to your potato salad for a nice change of pace (and of course, it’s also delicious for snacking on with pretzels).

We make fourteen different mustards, each with a unique blend of flavours that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. But if you’re looking for a versatile and well-rounded mustard to keep on hand, we recommend our Classic Wholegrain Mustard. Inspired by the mustards of France, we make this medium-grain mustard with just a hint of sweetness. It’s relaxed, subtle and suitable for a wide range of recipes (like this one for Mrs. McGarrigle’s Creamy Onion Mustard Tarts!).

Tip: The next time you sear some chicken or a steak, don’t throw away what’s left in the pan! If you add a little broth and some mustard and mix it all together, your dish will be accompanied by some of the best gravy you’ve ever had.